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                PRODUCT LIST
                Cable lugs & terminals
                connector tubes & clamps
                line fittings & insulating fittings
                Arrester , drop out fuse, switch disconnector
                Electric accessories
                Cable accessories
                Plastic products
                OUR CERTIFICATION
                COMPANY PROFILE
                Phoenix Electric Power Co., LTD., is one of the largest professional manufacturers of power fitting in China. Phoenix is an experienced power grid equipment supplier in China with more than 30 years history. “Phoenix” electric power fittings and electrical products with advanced technology and excellent quality has a global reputation.

                Phoenix Electric covers more than 120,000 square meter with registration capital 50.00 million RMB , more than 300 advanced machines and equipments, more than 500 skilled workers and 90 professionals. Main products of Phoenix are more than 100series and 800 varieties including Cable lug, Connector, Link fitting, terminal, Clamp, Building fitting; Silicon Rubber insulator(up to AC 1000kV and DC 800kV), metal oxide lightning arrester (up to 220kV), Switch disconnector (up to 110 kV), cut-out fuse(up to 35 kV), , Vacuum circuit breaker (35kV and below), other electric accessories; cold and heat shrinkable tubes, cable accessories; plastic products, transformer, cables, tools and so on. Besides we can design and produce new type according to client requirements...
                PRODUCT CATEGORY
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